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Raphael Cohen-Almagor
Raphael Cohen-Almagor Auteur du livre "The Boundaries of Liberty and Tolerance" et professeur à l'université d'Haifa

Recent developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

25 juillet 2002

Raphael Cohen-Almagor is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Haifa. He is the Chairperson of Library and Information Studies and also teaches at the Department of Communication (courses on free speech, media ethics, and in the past also on media and terrorism). He was the Fulbright-Yitzhak Rabin Scholar for 1999-2000. This Award is granted annually to one senior scholar in Israel. Upon winning the Fulbright-Yitzhak Rabin Award, Raphael spent the 1999-2000 academic year at the UCLA School of Law teaching medical ethics and taught also at the Department of Communication (free speech and media ethics).

Raphael has B.A. in Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University (1983-1985), Magna cum Laude; M.A. in Political Science, Tel Aviv University (1985-1987), Magna cum Laude; D.Phil. in Politics (Political Theory), St. Catherine's College, Oxford University (1987-1991).


After completing his doctorate Raphael had lectured and conducted research at the Hebrew University Law Faculty, and at the departments of Political Science and Communication, Bar-Ilan University (courses on political extremism, Israeli politics, history of political thought, free speech and medical ethics). During 1995-1998 he was a Research Fellow and the Director of The Bioethics Think-tank at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. In June 1997 he was elected to serve on the Israel Press Council for a period of three years. In 1998-1999 Raphael received the Teaching Excellence Award (courses on free speech and medical ethics at the Law Faculty). In 2000 he was appointed to serve on the Steinberg Committee on the Dying Patient, a governmental national committee designed to propose legislation under the hospices of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Cohen-Almagor has published more than fifty essays in the fields of philosophy, political science, law, media ethics, sociology, history, and medical ethics in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. His recent works are due to appear in Review of Constitutional Studies, Israel Affairs, Medical Law International, The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Issues in Law and Medicine, Medicine and Law, State and Society (Hebrew) and in several collections of essays.