Montreal's International Forum
Montreal Council on Foreign Relations The Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (MCFR) is a non-profit, non-partisan, private organization. The MCFR was established in Montreal, in 1985, by Professor Louis Sabourin. The Honourable Gérard Pelletier acted as its first President.

Our mission

The MCFR’s mission is to promote greater knowledge of international affairs and, through its events and partnerships, to encourage closer cooperation between the various entities that share an interest in international matters by:

  • Providing a prestigious platform for distinguished international visitors to Montreal, as well as for Canadians who wish to share their insight and experience on international affairs with Montreal community members;
  • Organizing luncheon meetings, seminars, workshops and round-table discussions focusing on international matters;
  • Paving the way for exchanges and meetings between officials within the Montreal community who are active in international matters;
  • Providing a discussion forum for key players from the private and public sectors who are interested in international affairs;
  • Making accessible to the Montreal community the international contacts established by MCFR members;
  • Allowing foreign visitors to come into contact with representatives within the Montreal community;
  • Fostering research studies on major international topics;
  • Enhancing the development of a network that includes Montreal and other important world centers;
  • Circulating MCFR's partners' most recent publications related to International Affairs;
  • Promoting the role of Montreal as an international crossroads, and cooperating with other organizations that work towards solidifying the city's stature on the international scene.
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