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Emmanuel Faber
Emmanuel Faber Chair, International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Towards Resilience: Creating a Common Language to Address 21st-Century Business Risks and Opportunities

June 20, 2023
Global Economy Series
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Beaucoup d'entreprises et d'investisseurs vont choisir d'adopter les normes de l'ISSB parce qu'elles ont l'avantage d'être un langage utile à la décision et qui va créer un avantage concurrentiel pour le financement

Covered Topics:

  • Pertinence of sustainability factors to today’s business risks and opportunities
  • Role of well-informed capital markets in the transition to a more sustainable world
  • Need for a global baseline of material, decision-useful, sustainability-related disclosures for investors
  • Upcoming IFRS S1 and IFRS S2—the ISSB’s first standards—and the future agenda
  • Role of the CSSB and market participants in developing and supporting adoption of international sustainability standards in Canada

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