Montreal's International Forum
Valérie Plante, Bruno Marchand, Évelyne Beaudin, France Bélisle

A new international role for cities?

April 12, 2023 Valérie Plante Mayor of Montreal Bruno Marchand Mayor of Quebec Évelyne Beaudin Mayor of Sherbrooke France Bélisle Mayor of Gatineau
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The discussion will be led by:

Étienne Fortin-Gauthier
Journalist, Bell Media

On est passé de relations plus symboliques à quelque chose de beaucoup plus tactique maintenant. On entre dans des réseaux. On est moins dans le bilatéral, plus dans le multilatéral


The voice of mayors now extends beyond the borders of their city. They have an influence on global issues: climate emergency, economic and social development, migration, etc. Tools for cooperation and the exchange of good practices are emerging. They are diplomatic actors developing their own political agenda. What about in Quebec? How can we align different approaches and create synergies?

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