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Marcel Côté, Mélanie Joly, Richard Bergeron, Denis  Coderre

Is Montreal Well Positioned for the Future as a Global City?

October 17, 2013 Marcel Côté Coalition Montréal - Marcel Côté Mélanie Joly Le vrai changement pour Montréal - Groupe Mélanie Joly Richard Bergeron Projet Montréal Denis Coderre Équipe Denis Coderre
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Jean-François Lépine
Journalist and Host, Radio-Canada

Donc, les grandes villes doivent se doter d’une politique internationale, mais cette politique internationale ne peut pas être une simple imitation de la politique des États-nations.

Topics covered

  • What are the best tools to optimize the attractiveness of Montreal, especially in terms of foreign investments?
  • How can we maximize the promotion of Montreal on the international scene and expand its international reach?
  • How can we better integrate immigrants into the Montreal community and take benefit of their international networks?
  • What is the importance of tourism for Montreal and its economy and how can we expand Montreal’s touristic reach?

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