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Éric Martel
Éric Martel President and CEO, Hydro-Québec Hydro-Québec : leader of the energy revolution December 8, 2016
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L’impact que pourrait avoir une ligne de 1000 mégawatts vers la Nouvelle-Angleterre, c’est qu’on pourrait les aider à atteindre la moitié de leur objectif [de réduction des GES]

Covered topics:

  • How Hydro-Québec's clean, renewable electricity contributes to a low carbon economy, for both Quebec and export markets
  • The energy revolution resulting from the historic agreement signed at the COP 21 in Paris and the key role played by Hydro-Québec in the decarbonisation of energy
  • The recognition of Hydro-Québec's expertise and innovations on global markets as a leader in hydroelectricity and major electric power grids
  • Hydro-Québec's commitment: doing better, seeing big, building tomorrow


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