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Matthew Harrington
Matthew Harrington Global Chief Operating Officer, Edelman 2018: The Battle for Truth March 27, 2018
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Canadians are very much a part of the global concern of where are facts found: 61% in Quebec are concerned about the weaponization of news […] It’s not as severe as in the US, where you see a greater number who are concerned about the fake news piece, but it’s a global phenomenon.

Context and covered topics:

Based in New York City, Edelman is a leading global communications marketing firm that partners with many of the world's largest and emerging businesses and organizations via a network of 65 offices established on five continents.

The Edelman Trust Barometer is an annual survey that measures people’s trust and institutions’ credibility worldwide. More than 33,000 people across 28 countries were surveyed for this 18th edition. As we enter 2018, we are seeing a growing polarization, now including Canada and Quebec.

Unveiling Québec data of this Barometer, Mr. Harrington will be discussing the following topics:

  • How institutions need to reappraise their contributions to civil society – to work harder to restore trust and strengthen the social fabric
  • The distinct split between extreme trust gainers and losers
  • Fake news, rising social activism, growing populism, upheavals in government leadership: What are the expectations for leaders in today’s volatile landscape?


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