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Lyse Doucet
Lyse Doucet BBC's Chief International Correspondent

International Issues to Watch in 2022

February 10, 2022
Mrs. Doucet will discuss with :

Laura-Julie Perreault
Journalist and International Affairs Columnist, La Presse

In this time of greatest information, it is paradoxically a time of the greatest disinformation and manipulation

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Covered Topics :

  • Ukraine: the West and NATO facing Russia
  • Afghanistan: Situation 6 months after the return of the Taliban / Does Taliban 2.0 really exist? / International engagement or not?
  • Wider repercussions of Taliban victory: Islamic State/Al Qaeda/Other jihadi groups in Pakistan and beyond
  • Syria: has Assad regime won?
  • Iran: On the way to a new nuclear deal? / Changing relations with Gulf States
  • Is the World Order truly shifting: America in decline? / Rising China
  • The state of international journalism: Best of times, worst of times in covering stories / The contribution of women correspondents

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