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Richard Wagner
The Right Honourable Richard Wagner Chief Justice of Canada

Judicial independence for the health of democracies

June 9, 2022
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Following his speech, Chief Justice Wagner will discuss with:

Yves Boisvert
Columnist at La Presse

La désinformation est une menace pour les institutions démocratiques. Elle entraîne des dérapages et la perte de confiance dans nos institutions et nous savons à quel point la prospérité dépend de la démocratie, gage de stabilité


Covered Topics:

  • Judicial independence, the rule of law and maintaining public confidence in the justice system
  • Canada has a reputation as a superpower in terms of democratic values, but the safeguards underlying democracy are under threat from all sides, both in Canada and abroad
  • Conventional (political arena) and unconventional (information/disinformation) threats
  • The role of leaders and executives with international responsibilities in identifying and exposing these threats
  • The role of the Canadian judiciary in this regard, including in support of the judiciary abroad, including in Ukraine

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