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Past events

Mazal Rendford

Mazal Rendford

Director of the International Training Center of Mont-Carmel (Golda Meyer Foundation)

Training Women in Developing Countries

Claude Béland

President of the Mouvement des caisses Desjardins

Working Together for Development: A Multiple Responsibility

Maureen O'Neil

President of the International Development Research Center

IDRC on the Eve of its 30th Anniversary

November 21, 1997

Normand Lauzon

Assistant Administrator and Director at the Office of Resources and Foreign Affairs of the UNDP

1996 Human Development Report

July 17, 1996

Jean-Claude Paye

Secretary General of the OECD

Employment, Youth and Urban Questions

April 18, 1996

Pierre Sané

Secretary General of Amnisty International

Human Rights, Commerce and International Politics

April 12, 1996

Huguette Labelle

President, Canadian International Development Agency

Canadian International Aid at the Turn of the Millenium

December 1, 1994

Guy Lavigueur

Executive Director of Canada, Inter-American Development Bank

Canada, Latin America and the Inter-American Development Bank

September 20, 1994

Jean-Jacques Graisse

Director of the External Relations Office - United Nations Development Program

The UNDP's Human Development Report 1993

June 22, 1993

Enrique Iglesias

President of the Latin-American Development Bank

June 14, 1991

Yves Pétillon

Director-General, CECI

Development Assistance

December 12, 1990

Monique Landry

Minister of External Relations and International Development of Canada

Women and International Development

December 1, 1989

Women and Development : Development Action and Direct Ressource Access for Women : Alternative Views

April 7, 1988

Cornelio Sommaruga

Chairman of the Board, International Committee of the Red Cross

Challenges for International Humanitarian Action

March 24, 1988

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