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Bernard Taylor, John Harker, Joël Des Rosiers, Michel Chossudovsky

Bernard Taylor, John Harker, Joël Des Rosiers, Michel Chossudovsky

African Crisis from East to West

Jean-Louis Roy, Joël Des Rosiers, Malika Oufkir, Hédi Bouraoui, Mongo Beti

Words to Denounce

Philippe Beaulne, Josias Sémujanga, François Bugingo, Yolanda Mukagasana

Words to Denounce

Louise Fréchette

Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (UN)

We, the Peoples: The United Nations' Role for the 21st Century

Henri de Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxemburg

Luxemburg: A Partner of Choice in Europe

April 27, 2000

Bernard Poussot

President, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals

Challenges of the New Millenium in the Health Field

April 26, 2000

Avinash Persaud

Managing Director at State Street, London and Boston

Rise of Monetary Blocks and a Theory on Exchange Rate Agreements

April 18, 2000

Series of Events About the Monetary Future of the Americas

April 18, 2000

Louise Beaudoin

Québec Minister of International Relations

Québec Government's Foreign Affairs Policy

April 17, 2000

Bernard Landry

Deputy Premier of Québec and Minister of State for Economy and Finance

From Economic Integration to Monetary Integration?

April 7, 2000

Frédéric Bastien, Jean-François Lisée, Anne Legaré, Philippe Séguin

France-Québec Relations: Future Prospects

March 9, 2000

John de Chastelain

Head of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning, Responsible for the Negotiations on the Future of Northern Ireland

Disarmament and the Good Friday Agreement

February 21, 2000

Jacques Girard

CEO of Montréal International

Montréal International: An Open Window on International Affairs in the World

February 10, 2000

Anne Leahy

Ex-Ambassador of Canada to the Russian Federation

Russia After Eltsine

January 27, 2000

Philippe Séguin

Member of Parliament and Ex-President of the French National Assembly

Internationalization or Globalization?

December 7, 1999

Pierre Pettigrew

Minister of International Trade of Canada

Canada and the Next World Trade Organization (WTO) Negotiations: 1999 Seattle Objectives

November 12, 1999

Edmund Stoiber

Minister-President of the State of Bavaria

Bavaria: Priveleged Gateway to Europe for Québec Businesses

October 29, 1999

Serge Rémillard

President, Financial Services CDPQ Inc.

Importing or Exporting Funds: To Act or Not to Act

October 28, 1999

Émile Shoufani

Priest of Nazareth

A New Era Dawning for Israelis and Palestinians

October 25, 1999

Jean-Louis Roy

Ex-Secretary General of l’Agence de la Francophonie

A New Africa on the Turn of the 21st Century

October 18, 1999

Péter Medgyvessy

President of Inter-Europa Bank and Ex-Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of several Hungarian Governments since 1989

Economic and Social Opportunities and Trends in Central and Oriental European Countries

October 14, 1999

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