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Claude Lemay

Claude Lemay

Chief Executive Officer, Alis Technologies

International Partnerships in the Field of Technologies

February 3, 1999

David Malone

President of the International Peace Academy, New York

Canada at the Security Council in 1999-2000: Challenges and Prospects

January 22, 1999

Lucien Bouchard, Lionel Jospin

France-Québec: A Renewed Partnership

December 18, 1998

Serge Rémillard

President, Financial Services CDPQ Inc.

Importing or Exporting Funds: To Act or Not to Act

October 28, 1998

Susan George

President of the Observatoire de la mondialisation and Co-President of the Transnational Institute

Multilateral Agreement on Investment: A Challenge to Democracy

October 2, 1998

André Marcheterre

President of Merck Frosst Canada Inc.

Globalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Implications for Montréal, Québec and Canada

September 17, 1998

Albert de Monaco

Monaco's Economy: Possible Monaco-Québec Partnerships in Advanced Industry

June 15, 1998

Claude Béland

President of the Mouvement des caisses Desjardins

Working Together for Development: A Multiple Responsibility

Jean Dorion

Québec Delegate General to Tokyo

Québec's Economic and Cultural Actions in Japan Today

Paulo Alcântara Gomes

Rector, University of Rio de Janeiro and President, College of the Americas

After the Summit of the Americas, the College of the Americas:Universities' Response to the Challenges of Continental Integration

Nadia Assimopoulos

President, Conseil de la langue française

A Four Language America Common Interests

April 23, 1998

Clément Godbout

President, Québec Labour Federation

Multilateral Agreement on Investment

April 7, 1998

Michel Clair

President and CEO of Hydro-Québec International

Hydro-Québec International : Investor and Partner in Developing Energy Projects Throughout the World

February 12, 1998

Jean-Pierre Béguelin

Director and Head Economist, Bank Pictet & Cie, Geneva

Switzerland and Canada : Two Ants Facing Two Giants

February 10, 1998

Ted Moses

Ambassador of the Grand Council of the Crees (of Québec) to the United Nations and Former Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees (of Québec)

The Use of International Forum to Promote our Rights

January 22, 1998

David Williamson

Ex-Secretary General of the European Commission

New Money, New Treaty, and New European Union Members

December 8, 1997

Erik Derycke

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium

New Policies in Africa, New African Policies?

December 4, 1997

Fidel V. Ramos

President of the Republic of the Philippines

The Philippines, Open for Business

November 28, 1997

Maureen O'Neil

President of the International Development Research Center

IDRC on the Eve of its 30th Anniversary

November 21, 1997

Liza Frulla

Member of Parliament for Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Vice-President of the Commission of Culture and Spokesman of the Official Opposition for the Region of Greater Montreal

Montréal: What If We Looked Forward and Not Down?

November 17, 1997

Robert R. Fowler

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations

Can the United Nations Take the Challenge?

October 30, 1997

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