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Victor Lichtinger

Victor Lichtinger

Managing Director of the NAFTA's Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Water Resources in North America : Present Problems and Future Needs

November 8, 1995

Hélène Tremblay

President of Destination Montréal

Being a Host in International Relations

November 1, 1995

Rita Dionne-Marsolais, John Ciaccia

The Yes-Side and the No-Side for Québec's Sovereignty

October 20, 1995

Bernard Landry

Vice-Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs, of Immigration and of Cultural Communities of Québec

Québec's International Personality: Assessment and Prospects

October 14, 1995

James Blanchard

Ambassador of the United States to Canada

Canada - United States Relations

September 29, 1995

Greater Montreal's Positioning to Face Latin America's Economic Integration

September 28, 1995

Jacques Roy

Ambassador of Canada to the European Union

The European Union at a Time of Challenges

September 26, 1995

Lucille Teasdale

Co-Founder of the Gulu Hospital in Ouganda, Honored by the World Health Organization

The Gulu Mission

September 18, 1995

Michel Friedman

Municipal Councillor of Frankfurt and Trustee of the Central Council of Jews of in Germany

Germany in 2000 : Opportunities and Traps

September 12, 1995

Founding of the Montreal Concertation Table on International Affairs

August 29, 1995

Water: International Strategic Resource

June 14, 1995

Riccardo Petrella

Chief Executive Officer, Groupe de Lisbonne

The Limits of Competition

June 13, 1995

Gérald Larose

Président, Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN)

A Social Clause for the Americas

Edward Broadbent

President of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (ICHRDD)

Haïti's Commission Nationale de Vérité et de Justice: Contributing to Democracy?

Hélène Tremblay

President of Destination Montréal

Being a Host in International Relations

Gérald A. Lacoste, Paul Fortugno, Eudald Canadell

International Presence of Montréal Securities

Louis Granger, Yadmiga Forowicz, Richard Bourgoin

Does Québec Sell Itself in Europe?

April 5, 1995

Mac Evans

Managing Director of the Canadian Space Agency

1995 - An Important Year for Canada in Space

April 4, 1995

Louis Granger, Naheed Rizvi, Richard Bourgoin

International Trade Agencies: Partners or Parasites?

March 15, 1995

Alain Soucy

Director-General, National Institute of Scientific Research

Is Quebec Research Sufficiently Open Internationally?

March 9, 1995

Pierre Marc Johnson, Daniel Latouche, Bernard Landry

The Limits of Competition

March 6, 1995

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