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Greater Montreal's Positioning to Face Latin America's Economic Integration

June 22, 1994

James Baer

Managing Director, TV5 Québec-Canada

TV5, A Truly International Network

June 14, 1994

Assad Kotaite

Chairman of the Board, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

The ICAO in the Next Fifty Years

Hélène Tremblay

President of Destination Montréal

Being a Host in International Relations

Samir Tahlam, Alfredo Moreira, Harald Lotz

Exchanges with MERCOSUR

David Kern

Chief Economist, National Westminster Bank of London

The Asia Pacific Challenge to Europe and North America

Juan Manuel Eguiagaray

Minister of Industry and Energy of the Kingdom of Spain

Spain and Recent Investment Opportunities

Shinya Tazaki

Wine Waiter in Chief, Seibu in Tokyo, and Managing Director of the Japanese Wine Waiters Association

Wine in Other Regions

April 29, 1994

Hocine Mesloub

Ambassador of Algeria to Canada

Algeria, Political Context and Future Economic Relations

April 27, 1994

Carlos Freitas da Silvia, André Gauthier, Gilles Fréchette

The European Union : Business Opportunities and Strategies

March 29, 1994

Liza Frulla

Minister of Culture and Communications and Minister Responsible of La Francophonie

La Francophonie : A Potential to Explore, A Network to Develop

March 25, 1994

Lucien Bouchard

Leader of the Bloc Québécois and Leader of the Official Opposition in Ottawa

For a Different Foreign Policy

March 18, 1994

Ghislain Paradis

CEO of the Société de développement international Desjardins - SDID

Desjardins' Expertise Adapted to Developing and Reconstructing Countries

February 22, 1994

André Ouellet

Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada

Assessing the Canadian Foreign Policy and the Public Aid Development Program

February 7, 1994

Simon Serfaty

Principal Associate at the Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies

America and the New Europe

January 27, 1994

Gang Xiong, Jacques Nadeau, Luis Cortez, François Bertrand

Exporting to Asia

December 7, 1993

Alnulfo Gomez, Michel Dionne

Exporting to Mexico

November 23, 1993

Hélène Tremblay

President of Destination Montréal

Being a Host in International Relations

November 16, 1993

Christopher Prebensen, Stefano Starace Janfolda

NATO and Europe

November 16, 1993

Ernst F. Jung

Ex-Ambassador of Germany and Ex-Deputy Secretary General (Political Affairs) of NATO

Germany’s New Role in Europe

November 3, 1993

Laszlo Bogar

Secretary of State, Ministry of International Economic Relations of Hungary

Recent Changes in Hungary and Future Economic Exchanges with Canada

October 22, 1993

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