Montreal's International Forum
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Past events

Gilles Boulet

Gilles Boulet

Ex-President of the University of Québec

Universities in International Development : Asset or Nuisance?

Riccardo Petrella

Commission of the European Communities (CEC)

European Union Scientific and Technical Policies: Issues and Perspectives

Laurent Picard

Author of the Consultative Committee's Report to the Ministerial Committee on the Region's Development

Conditions Necessary to Montreal's Internationalization

Mario Vargas Llosa

Peruvian Writer

November 28, 1988

Lucien Bouchard, Michel Dupuy, Paul Cappon

Orientations in Canadian Foreign Policy

November 7, 1988

Joseph Klatzman

INA, Paris

Humanitarian Aid or Weapon

October 18, 1988

Assad Kotaite

Chairman of the Board, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Developing Collective Security Measures in the Field of Air Transportation

March 17, 1988

USSR and Eastern Europe in a Time of Political and Economic Reform and Canadian-Soviet Commercial Relations

February 11, 1988

Qi Wen

Journalist, Xinhua News Agency

China's New Political Direction and Perspectives for Chinese-Soviet Relations

February 3, 1988

Thérèse Sévigny

Deputy Secretary General, United Nations

Communications and the Future of the United Nations

January 20, 1988

Georgiu Dragounov

International Chief Editor, TASS News Agency, USSR

December 15, 1987

André Bureau

President, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Internationalization of Broadcasting and the CRTC's Policy on Telecomunication Mediums Ownership

December 10, 1987

Evgueny Kotchetkov

Consul General of the USSR

Disarmament and East-West Relations

December 7, 1987

Léon Bagramov

Deputy Director, Institute of American and Canadian Studies, Moscow Academy of Sciences

November 13, 1987

Williams Jenkins

Ambassador of Canada to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Financial Problems for OECD Countries

October 8, 1987

Bart De Scouter

Chancelor of the Université libre of Brussels

Relations Between the EEC and Universities of Member States

Saul Bellow

Writer, 1976 Literature Nobel Prize

George Gordon-Lennox

Interim Representative, United Nations High Commission for Refugees

February 24, 1987

Ian Berton

Chief Executive Officer, International Federation of Institutes for Advance Studies, University of Toronto

January 29, 1987

Jean-François Lépine

Journalist and Host, Radio-Canada

January 12, 1987

Bernard Kouchner

Founder of Médecins du Monde

Politics and Humanitarian Action

November 12, 1986

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