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Robert Laganière, Raymonde Folco, Jean Corbeil, Pierre Allard, Daniel Turp

Robert Laganière, Raymonde Folco, Jean Corbeil, Pierre Allard, Daniel Turp

Canadian Foreign Policy

Conference with the Francophone Ministers Responsible for the Information Superhighway

Sergio Balanzino

Deputy Secretary General of NATO

NATO Enlargement: Atlantic-European Security and Future Relations Between Russia and the West

March 26, 1997

René Dussault

Co-Author of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples' Report

The Right to Self-Determination of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada at the Light of International Law on Human Rights: The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples' Point of View

January 31, 1997

Big Cities and Water: Strategic Issues and International Partnerships

November 4, 1996

Nicolas Steinmetz

Associate Chief Executive Officer (Planification), McGill University Health Centre

Health Care Reform in the West: the McGill University Health Centre's Originality

September 26, 1996

John Lott, Gunther Forsteneichner

NATO in a Changing World

September 23, 1996

Calestous Juma

Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

The Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity After the Relocation of the Secretariat to Montréal

September 12, 1996

John Godfrey

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation and Responsible forLa Francophonie

From Blue Helmets to White Helmets: New Dynamics in the UN's Interventions

June 20, 1996

Michel Guillou

Chief Executive Officer and President of the AUPELF-UREF

Globalization and La Francophonie

Big Cities and Water: Integrated Water Management in Urban Zones: Prospects for 2000

Big Cities and Water: Water Use and Management: The Case of Montréal

April 22, 1996

Montréal's Fellowship with Thirsty Cities

March 22, 1996

Konrad Sioui

Aboriginal Leader, Consultant and Negotiator, Former Grand Chief of the First Nations of Québec and Labrador

The Aboriginal Movement in the Americas

March 12, 1996

Guy Lafleur, Gaétan Tremblay, Duarte Miranda, Allan Familiant

Canada's Voice Abroad: Making It Heard, Why and How?

February 14, 1996

Miguel Rodriguez Mendoza

Director of Commerce, Organization of American States

A Free Trade area for American Countries: Before 2005?

January 25, 1996

S.F. Molochkov

Director of the Department of Canadian Studies - Institute of the United States and of Canada - Scientific Academy of Russia

The Coming Parliamentarian Elections in Russia

December 4, 1995

Maurice Baril

General in the Canadian Armed Forces and Ex-Military Advisor to the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations (UN)

Planning and Logistic Support for UN Peacekeeping Operations

December 1, 1995

Jean Burton

Officer in Charge of Planification and Scientific Coordination, St. Lawrence Center

Integrated Water Management on Gulf Banks

November 27, 1995

Water: International Strategic Resource

November 27, 1995

Rita Dionne-Marsolais, John Ciaccia

The Yes-Side and the No-Side for Québec's Sovereignty

October 20, 1995

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