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Max Streibl

Max Streibl

Prime Minister of Bavaria

Bavaria's Role in Unified Germany, at the Heart of European Growth

June 25, 1991

HongFu Ni

Chief of Mission, First Counsellor to the Popular Government of the Municipality of Shangaï, ex-Vice-Mayor

Shangaï : Current Situation and Future Perspectives

June 21, 1991

Adrien Sibomana

Prime Minister and Minister of the Republic of Burundi Plan

Development Perspectives for the Canada-Burundi Partnership : The Role of Québec

June 10, 1991

Gabor Demszki

Mayor of Budapest

Political Situation in Eastern Europe and Developing Relations between Hungary and the North-American Economies

April 24, 1991

Gilles Loiselle

President of the Treasury Board, Government of Canada

Issues at Stake in the Canada, United States and Mexico Trilateral Negotiations

March 15, 1991

Huang Ju

Vice-Mayor of Shangaï

Shangaï’s New Program: Developing and Opening Pudong

November 8, 1990

Helmut Frick

Minister Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Continuity Versus Change : Germany’s Future Position in Europe

November 2, 1990

Demontigny Marchand

Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada

The Role of Foreign Affairs Canada in a Changing World

March 29, 1990

Robert Paul Vigouroux

Mayor of Marseille and Senator of Bouches-du-Rhône

Marseille Eurocity

November 22, 1989

Paul Gobeil

Minister of International Affairs of Québec

Québec in Multilateral Forums : A Tool Serving our Development

Tim Eggar

Member of Parliament, Under Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth

Great Britan, First Economic Partner of Québec in Europe

Jean Doré

Mayor of Montreal

Montreal, International City

November 22, 1988

Dom Bonafede

Correspondant at the White House and Chief Correspondant for political affairs at the National Journal

The US Elections

October 21, 1988

Claude Haegi

Mayor of Geneva

Ahmed Ben Salah

Ex-Minister of Finance of Tunisia and Leader of the Mouvement de l’Unité Populaire (in exile)

Tunisia after Bourguiba

March 24, 1988

Robert Bourassa

Premier of Quebec

Quebec's International Relations

February 8, 1988

Bernard Landry

Former Minister of External Trade of Québec

The Canadian-American Free Trade Agreement

November 26, 1987

Marcel Massé

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources of Canada

The Canadian-American Free Trade Agreement

October 29, 1987

Perrin Beatty

Minister of National Defence of Canada

Topics of the National Defence's White Paper

Joe Clark

Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs Canada

Canada in an Interdependent World : Agriculture and Canadian Unicity


Professor at the Beijing Institute

Chinese Foreign Policy in Asia

March 31, 1987

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