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Monique Landry

Monique Landry

Minister of External Relations and International Development of Canada

Canada and Africa : New Issues

February 10, 1992

Jacques Parizeau

Leader of the Official Opposition, Québec's National Assembly

A Sovereign Quebec's International Relations

January 23, 1992

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

President of the Republic of Haïti

The Current Crisis in Haïti

December 9, 1991

Manuel Gamacho Solis

Mayor of Mexico

The Development of Mexico City and Its Relations with Montreal in View of the North American Free Trade Agreement

October 15, 1991

Hubert Curien

French Minister of Research and Technology

The Orientations of France's Scientific and Technological Policy, in a Context of International Economic Cooperation

October 7, 1991

Maurice Strong

Secretary General, United Nations Conference on the Environment (Rio 1992)

The Environment and Economic Change

September 24, 1991

Leon Brittan

Vice-President, Commission des communautés européennes

Controlling Corporate Concentration Inside the European Community

September 19, 1991

Max Streibl

Prime Minister of Bavaria

Bavaria's Role in Unified Germany, at the Heart of European Growth

June 25, 1991

HongFu Ni

Chief of Mission, First Counsellor to the Popular Government of the Municipality of Shangaï, ex-Vice-Mayor

Shangaï : Current Situation and Future Perspectives

June 21, 1991

The After War in the Gulf : Impacts and Issues

June 18, 1991

Enrique Iglesias

President of the Latin-American Development Bank

June 14, 1991

Adrien Sibomana

Prime Minister and Minister of the Republic of Burundi Plan

Development Perspectives for the Canada-Burundi Partnership : The Role of Québec

June 10, 1991

Aggrey Klaaste

Chief Editor, The Sowetan Newspaper, South Africa

Building the South-African Nation

Jean-Louis Roy

Secretary General, Agence de cooperation culturelle et technique

Francophone Economic Zone: Possible Arrangements

Louis Berlinguet

President of the Science and Technology Council of Québec

Economic Development for Quebec through International Scientific and Technological Exchanges : A Challenge to Meet

April 25, 1991

Gabor Demszki

Mayor of Budapest

Political Situation in Eastern Europe and Developing Relations between Hungary and the North-American Economies

April 24, 1991

Gilles Loiselle

President of the Treasury Board, Government of Canada

Issues at Stake in the Canada, United States and Mexico Trilateral Negotiations

March 15, 1991

Plan for Developing Exchanges Between Montreal and Japan

March 15, 1991

Bruno Fragasso

President and Director-General, Société du Palais des Congrès de Montréal

The Palais des Congrès and Its International Influence

February 27, 1991

Harold Mailhot

Delegate of Québec to Tokyo

Montreal-Osaka Relations

January 23, 1991

Gérard Chaliand


The World's New Face: East-West, North-South

December 17, 1990

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