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Gang Xiong, Jacques Nadeau, Luis Cortez, François Bertrand

Gang Xiong, Jacques Nadeau, Luis Cortez, François Bertrand

Exporting to Asia

December 7, 1993

Alnulfo Gomez, Michel Dionne

Exporting to Mexico

November 23, 1993

Hélène Tremblay

President of Destination Montréal

Being a Host in International Relations

November 16, 1993

Christopher Prebensen, Stefano Starace Janfolda

NATO and Europe

November 16, 1993

Ernst F. Jung

Ex-Ambassador of Germany and Ex-Deputy Secretary General (Political Affairs) of NATO

Germany’s New Role in Europe

November 3, 1993

Laszlo Bogar

Secretary of State, Ministry of International Economic Relations of Hungary

Recent Changes in Hungary and Future Economic Exchanges with Canada

October 22, 1993

Michel Leduc, Gérald Lacoste, Michel Dupuy, Mohamed Akou

Canadian Foreign Policy

October 13, 1993

Maria Emilia Farias

Consul General of Mexico to Montreal

Future Relations Between Mexico and Québec

October 12, 1993

Metropolis 93 Congress : Montreal-Mexican Exchanges

September 22, 1993

Joan Pennefather

Government Film Commissioner and President, National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

NFB's International Presence

August 31, 1993

Jean-Jacques Graisse

Director of the External Relations Office - United Nations Development Program

The UNDP's Human Development Report 1993

June 22, 1993

David Kern

Chief Economist, National Westminster Bank of London

Global Economic and Financial Tendencies

June 15, 1993

Bernard Kouchner

Ex-Minister of Health and Humanitarian Action of the French Republic and Founding President of Médecins sans frontières and Médecins du Monde

Humanitarian Intervention and Conflicts: The Right to Interfere

Luc Van Den Brande

Minister-President, Flemish Regional Executive Government, Kingdom of Belgium

Prospects for Commercial Relations and Technological Exchanges

Roland Doré

President of the Canadian Space Agency

Canada and Globalization in the Field of Aerospace

April 22, 1993

Bernard Bonin

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada

Monetary Policy and International Integration

April 13, 1993

Jean-Claude de l'Estrac

Minister of Industry and Industrial Technology of Mauritius Island

Industrial Cooperation in Francophone Countries

April 5, 1993

Pierre Jeanniot

Executive Director of the International Air Transport Association

IATA's Challenges, Objectives, and Relations with Montreal

April 1, 1993

Richard Drouin

President of the Board and CEO of Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec in the World: Energy at the Service of Development

March 19, 1993

Pierre Théberge

Director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the International Scene

March 9, 1993

Youri Louzhkov

Mayor of Moscow

Moscow-Montreal Relations and Future Possibilities

March 2, 1993

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