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Richard Drouin

Richard Drouin

President of the Board and CEO of Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec in the World: Energy at the Service of Development

March 19, 1993

Pierre Théberge

Director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the International Scene

March 9, 1993

Youri Louzhkov

Mayor of Moscow

Moscow-Montreal Relations and Future Possibilities

March 2, 1993

Louise Fréchette

Ambassador of Canada to the United Nations

Analyzing Recent and Current Events at the United Nations

February 25, 1993

Montreal-Mexico Exchanges

January 27, 1993

Jean Doré

Mayor of Montreal

Municipalities' International Relations

January 21, 1993

Guy Rivard

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Responsible of La Francophonie of Québec

Place for Entrepreneurship in Ukrania

November 27, 1992

François Loncle

Secretary of State to Cities, French Republic

The Role of Different Government Levels in the City Development Policy

November 17, 1992

Pierre Marc Johnson

Ex-Premier of Québec

After the Rio Conference

November 12, 1992

Rigoberta Menchù Tum

1992 Nobel Peace Prize

500 Years of Native, Black and Popular Resistance

November 9, 1992

Raymond Barre

Ex-Prime Minister of the French Republic

Economic and Political Perspectives for Europe after Maastricht

October 8, 1992

Hans Martin Jepsen

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy, Transport and Technology of Bavaria

Bavaria's Politics and Economy

October 7, 1992

Gu Chuanxun

Vice-Mayor of Shangaï

Shangaï - Pudong : Entry Gate for the Yangzi Valley

October 7, 1992

Guy Spitaels

President Minister of the Walloon Region of Belgium

The Walloon Region of Belgium and the European Construction

October 2, 1992

Frederico Mayor

Director-General of UNESCO

UNESCO's Revival

September 21, 1992

Rainer Siegelkow

Chief Economist at the Westdeutsche Landes Bank

Unified Germany and Maastricht: a Miscued Kick-Off into Monetary Union ?

Guo Shuyan

Governor of the Hubei Province, Popular Republic of China

Hubei : Industrial Power in the Heart of China

Antonio Enrique Savignac

Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (WTO)

The Future of the Tourist Industry : Challenges and Perspectives

Noemi Sanin DeRubio

Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Colombia

Political and Economic Renewal in Colombia

April 28, 1992

Guy Rivard

Minister for La Francophonie of Québec

The Francophonie : Quebec's Commitment

March 20, 1992

Alvaro Espina Montero

Minister of State to Industry of the Kingdom of Spain

Industrial Policy and Investment Opportunities in Spain

March 19, 1992

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